Mindfulness - Frequently Asked Questions


How can mindfulness help me?

Mindfulness helps calm the nervous system, allowing you to be more aware of physical sensations, thoughts and emotions as they are happening which enables you to access your innate wisdom and respond skilfully. Being mindful helps you move from autopilot to increased awareness of your inner landscape and the external world.  Extensive scientific research has been conducted and the evidence is in. Mindfulness can help with stress, anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours. It can have a positive effect on hypertension, heart disease and chronic pain. There is substantial evidence to show that mindfulness increases emotional intelligence and improves relationships. Mindfulness is a recommended treatment by NICE (National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence) for depression. "Mindfulness helps us get better at seeing the difference between what’s happening and the stories we tell ourselves about what’s happening, stories that get in the way of direct experience. Often such stories treat a fleeting state of mind as if it were our entire and permanent self." — Sharon Salzberg


I teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 8 week courses to groups and individuals.I combine mindfulness with therapy and coaching which is a highly effective way of creating meaningful and lasting change.

What is your availability?

I offer day, evening and some appointments on Saturdays.

How do I make an appointment? You can contact me on 0208 621 1378 or 07880 706420. If I am working and unable to answer the phone, you can leave a message in confidence with your number and I will return your call as soon as I can. Alternatively, you can contact me through the contact form on this website or email

What are your qualifications?
  • BSc Reflective Therapeutic Practice – Metanoia Institute
  • Diploma in person centred Counselling - Metanoia Institute
  • Mindfulness & Therapy - Bangor University
  • MBSR & MBCT - Bangor University
  • Mindfulness & Coaching - Michael Chaskalson
  • Certificate Alcohol Counselling CVACT’s
  • NLP Practitioner Certificate - Bandler, Breen & McKenna