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Here are a few testimonials from some of my clients:


I started seeing Rosemary in Jan 2014 for Some Issues I had with Anxiety and Depression. It was my second time seeing a Counsellor. I didn’t get on with my first experience of counselling and was a bit concerned that all counsellors were like that. However within My first couple of sessions with Rosemary I knew that it was going to work as she really listened to what I had to say and what my issues were. Something that my previous counsellor hadn't done. She gave me great tools to use and offered me support when I needed it. My Counselling came to a natural end in July 2014. And I left feeling a lot stronger emotionally and with a toolkit of coping Strategies that I use in my daily life now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rosemary to anybody who needed help dealing with Anxiety and Depression.

TH September 2014

I started seeing Rosemary to help with anxiety and obsessive thoughts that were dominating my life. I had tried counselling before but hadn't felt comfortable or that things were getting any easier and so eventually gave up. Rosemary was immediately different - I found her supportive, non judgmental and involved. We combined therapy with an eight week mindfulness course. The mindfulness has given me strategies to deal with my anxiety and to change my pattern of thinking while therapy helped me to get to the bottom of why I had developed my issues in the first place. We did 90 minute sessions so that there was time for both mindfulness and therapy and I found that starting the session with a mindfulness practice put me in the right frame of mind to talk openly about my difficulties. Ten months on and I feel a thousand times more confident, positive and in control of my thoughts. I couldn't recommend Rosemary more highly and feel entirely in her debt for helping me get this far.

ST August 2014

In March 2011 I visited Rosemary when I was at very low ebb. Armed with a prescription for anti-depressants from my GP and having suffered from chronic depression for many years, I was desperate to climb out of the current depression I was in without the use of Prozac. Rosemary was immediately able to identify a number of issues, some physical, some emotional. With the help and support she was able to offer, I managed deal with the medical problems quickly and efficiently. This allowed me to focus on, discuss and resolve several deep-rooted and long standing issues. These were areas of my life which were causing me pain and were having a massively negative effect on my self-confidence and self-esteem. Rosemary's active listening skills and her perceptive and calm nature enabled me to resolve these issues, both practically and emotionally. Equally as important, was her ability to help me understand and learn to accept issues that couldn't be changed. Mindfulness was also offered as a means to dealing with day to day living. This was a refreshing and positive experience for me and one that I try to maintain as much as possible to this day. Today my outlook on life is far less severe and negative than it was a year ago. Rosemary was vital in all my successes last year and I can't thank her enough, not just for me but for my family and loved ones. On a personal level, I'm hugely proud of the fact that I never took any of the Prozac I was given that day and I hope I will never have to. All in all, I feel that the counselling was hugely positive. Without her assistance, I would not have regained my self-confidence, self-esteem and would most certainly have been continuing my love-hate relationship with anti-depressants. I would recommend Rosemary's services to anyone in need of emotional support and counselling in any area of their lives.

S London

I was very comfortable with Rosemary and with telling her personal things about myself quite early on in our sessions. I found her to be very caring and experienced in helping people with problems such as mine. I felt empowered and well looked after throughout our time together and made real progress that has had a positive impact in my life.


Rosemary spent a great deal of time and energy on our therapy sessions - and I was never in any doubt that she cared deeply about my problems and helping me to find a way to deal with them. I started therapy feeling hugely under confident and unhappy with all aspects of my life. The sessions helped me to have greater confidence in myself and my abilities. They also helped me to take the sort of life-changing risks I needed to try in order to find greater happiness and self-confidence. I have now started a journey towards becoming a professional artist. Exhibiting and selling my work may sound like a small step but I was so scared of failure that for many years I didn't even dare to pick up a paintbrush and produce any pictures. Now I feel free enough to paint every day and I'm starting to enjoy some success which I hope to continue to build on.


I found my counselling sessions with Rosemary very useful in helping me take perspective of my concerns and issues. I found her a good listener, full of good strategies and provided me with the ability to prioritize what I wanted from life. Rosemary introduced me to Mindfulness practice - at first I was skeptical but I found our weekly Mindfulness sessions really helped - even though only 20 mins of the hour was given to mindfulness. I continue to use this technique regularly which helps provide a calm amongst the storm.


"I have worked with Rosemary for 8 months and have found her sessions to be extremely beneficial. In as little as 8 months, I have seen a significant change in myself and I have worked towards and achieved my goals/overcome certain difficulties. I really enjoyed her style, very relaxed, supportive and non judgmental. The mindfulness meditation really helped as this has given me the support tools to support myself in my everyday life. The work in the sessions was applicable to everyday situations. I was a little sceptical of the mindfulness in the beginning however, as I embraced it, I have seen how it really affects and improves my daily life. I would highly recommend working with Rosemary and her methods of goal setting and using mindfulness. I personally am in a much better and happier place and that is thanks to Rosemary and her guidance and support."

Emma, Ireland. December 2013


I practice as a coach & counsellor in Ealing, West London within easy reach of Acton, Brentford, Chiswick, Hammersmith, Hounslow, Isleworth, Kensington, Richmond and Hayes. I also work with people by telephone throughout the UK and abroad.

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Are you feeling sad, depressed or low, lonely or anxious and struggling to cope. Maybe work is difficult or an important relationship is making you unhappy. Are you feeling unhealthy or maybe you are struggling with an addiction. Do you feel that you are living the life you want or are you living on autopilot? Maybe you are feeling alone and isolated, unable to talk about how you are feeling even with family and friends. Counselling/psychotherapy helps you develop increased intimacy with yourself and with others, enabling you to feel connected with yourself and other people.

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Coaching is about transformation - helping you live the life you want. How you live your life depends on what you believe. Do your beliefs serve you well? If not, are you willing to change your beliefs? Changing your thinking can help you change your reality. Coaching allows you to really think about what it is you want and take action to make sure that happens. A coaching relationship is 'an encounter in which the two people are in synchronized attention and vast amounts of mental and emotional energy can be directed at the development of the person being coached'. Forbes

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Mindfulness improves mental and physical health and well being. It enables you to control your mind rather than being controlled by it. An untrained mind can create havoc, leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. We train our bodies to become fit, flexible and healthy, however, we often ignore our minds which may lead to unhealthy or troubled minds. Learning mindfulness enables you to develop a healthier mind, enabling you to become more focused, centered, calm and self aware.

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